Windows 8.1 to allow secure folders with fingerprint reader.

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The update to Windows 8 will support a built-in fingerprint reader, allowing users access accounts and lock down folders with a single swipe.

Windows 8.1 will have a bunch of tweaks up its skin for users who use fingerprint readers.
One of Monday’s sessions at Microsoft’s TechEd conference proclaimed the additions that Windows 8.1 will offer for fingerprint support, as told by The Verge. Past versions of Windows had fingerprint readers through third-force software. But Windows 8.1 will be the primary edition of Windows to natively support the technology.
Users will be able to acce
ss their PCs via a Microsoft Account, buy apps, and open different programs with a swipe of the finger. They’ll even be able to lock certain folders so they’re inaccessible without a valid fingerprint.
Microsoft is “working very closely” with major manufacturers to outfit Windows 8.1 with the required fingerprint support, according to The Verge. The company is also asking more manufacturers to mound their laptops, tablets, keyboards, and mice with fingerprint readers.
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Windows 8.1 to allow secure folders with fingerprint reader.

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