Watch Out : Scam offers a Pair of Facebook-Branded Adidas Shoes

17:16 09 June in Latest Threats

Scammers will way out to all sorts of tweaks to get innocent users to click the Like button on their shady Facebook pages. A new scam guarentees Facebook customer a pair of Facebook-branded Adidas shoes in return for a no-cost “Like.”

The attackers affirm they’re giving away 3,289 pairs of Facebook-branded Adidas shoes to anyone who shares and likes their page, Hoax Slayer reports.

The shoes in the picture are authentic. They’re the work of Glasgow designer Gerry Mckay.

Still, he’s not giving them away on Facebook. In fact, the designer, Facebook, and Adidas don’t have anything to do with the scheme.

So what do the scammers gain by harvesting a large number of “Likes?”

Once their page gains reputation, they can sell it on the black market to other scammers and con artists who can use it to advertise shady services or products. Such pages can also be utilized to lure users to survey scams or other malicious websites.

When offered with such offers on social media websites, keep in mind that most giveaways are scams. If the offer is genuine, it should be mentioned on the company’s legitimate Facebook page.

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