Toyota claims Its Japanese Website Was Hacked to Spread Malware

05:18 16 September in Latest Threats

According to a notice posted on its website a few days ago, world-renowned car maker Toyota announced that its authorized Japanese website ( was hacked. Apparently, the hackers compromised the site sometime between June 5 and June 14.

The firm claims visitors of the site’s news section were served a malicious application.

So far, there’s no proof that any customer data has been stolen by the hackers, but the investigation into the matter is still ongoing.

It’s believed that only one server has been affected. Additional security measures have been deployed to prevent further incidents.

It’s not uncommon for the websites of high-profile companies to be compromised and abused for malware distribution. Several firms have reported similar incidents over the past period, including The Washington Free Beacon, Government Security News, and so on.

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