” The File Contained A Virus And Was Deleted ” Trojan Horse Rootkit Removal .

05:17 25 December in Latest Threats

If you encounter a “ This file contained a virus and was deleted ” notification, when trying to download a file via Internet Explorer (8, 9,10) then your PC is corrupted with a ZeroAccess Rootkit.The ZeroAccess trojan is a harmful virus that has been widespread for many years. However, It takes over the complete control of the computer by adding it to the ZeroAccess botnet and to broadening the code by downloading further virus and malicious contents.

Mostly, ZeroAccess.Trojan uses complex techniques to cover its attendance, is able to work on both 32 and 64-bit Windows from a single installer.Currently the downloaded virus is frequently targeted at sending spam and running click fraud.The “program contained a virus and was deleted” trojan has been encouraged by programs related to software-piracy, keygens, cracks or PDF creators.As a self-defence mechanism, the ZeroAccess rootkit will avoid Internet Explorer users from downloading any software that might direct to its removal.

This file contained a virus and was deleted

Based on the behaviour of ZeroAccess Rootkit, the virus removal process can vary for each case.

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