System Doctor 2014 – Rogue Antivirus Application

05:18 21 December in Latest Threats

“ System Doctor 2014 ″ is a malware, which appears to be a valid antivirus application and claims that your PC is infected with malwares and forces you to buy the software to clear these non-existing threats.

“System Doctor 2014″ is spread through hacked or impure websites, which will interrupt you with a false pop-up window, point out that your workstation is infected or requires a software update. Otherwise, your PC may be infected with “System Doctor 2014″ from an infected mail attachment or downloads which will exploit a vulnerability in older versions of Java or Adobe software.

After automatic installation, “System Doctor 2014″ will plunge a random file name in a random folder under directory ‘C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Data,’ in XP, or ‘C:ProgramData’ in Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. System Doctor 2014 will start automatically when you login to your PC.
“System Doctor 2014″ will prompt invalid security alerts that are made to think that your data is at risk or that your PC is severely infected.

To defend itself from being deleted, System Doctor 2014 has will stop just about all programs in your computer.So that you are powerless to launch security utilities that can help you to stop this bug.
System Doctor 2014 is a 100% scam, and should disregard any alerts that this bug might create.
Under no circumstance should you buy System Doctor 2014 as this could direct to severe security risks.

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