Security Crack in iOS 7 Beta Allows Lock Screen Bypass – Video

05:17 08 July in Latest Threats

A security crack has already been identified in Apple’s recently released iOS 7 beta. 36-year-old iPhone user Jose Rodriguez from Spain has found a way to sidestep the lock screen and gain access to the phone’s camera.

Forbes reports that Rodriguez has managed to gain access to the calculator application, and the camera, allowing him to access, email, delete, upload, and even tweet photos without knowing the device’s password.

The man has even made a proof-of-concept video to demonstrate his findings.

Many experts have reported finding bugs in the new iOS 7, and it was only a matter of time until someone reported such a security hole.

It’s likely that Apple will address most of these issues until the operating system is officially released.

This is not the first time when Rodriguez uncovers an iOS screen lock bypass vulnerability. Back in March, he identified a similar flaw in iOS 6.1.3.

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