New Malware Found On Mac,Grabs Screenshots And Uploads Them to Remote Servers

17:16 23 July in Latest Threats

Security firm F-Secure reports on the invention of a brand new piece of Mac malware that takes screenshots and dumps them into a folder on the pc, then sends them to shady servers with unregistered domains.

The “” malware uses a legitimate Apple ID (assigned to a definite Rajender Kumar) and dumps same screenshots into a folder known as MacApp.Two C&C servers are related to the malware ( and, both of that are set to receive the screenshots automatically.For security-wary macintosh users, F-Secure’s detection is termed Backdoor: OSX/KitM.A. So far, the malware doesn’t appear to be widespread, however its distinctive approach to stealing info makes it appear to be a part of a broader attack.

Following this discovery, Apple is anticipated to replace its Xprotect anti-malware mechanism found on OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X ten.8 Mountain Lion. Expect all the main macintosh security firms to announce updates to their several malware definitions as well.

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