Microsoft Is Getting Rid Of Clip Art

Microsoft Is Getting Rid Of Clip Art

14:39 06 December in Microsoft, News

There are many issues that the subsequent technology of geek gained’t get to expertise.

The sound of the 56k modem connecting when your mother and father are sleeping within the subsequent room.

Burning CDs.

Being someplace and never figuring out one thing, and simply having tocope with it since you don’t have an area laptop with just about all of humanity’s collective information in your pocket.

The newest pillar of yesteryear to come back crumbling down? Clip artwork.

Microsoft has just announced that it’s killing off the final hint of clip artwork in its Office merchandise, as a substitute pointing customers in want of images towards Bing Image Search. Why? Because most individuals are simply getting their photos on-line anyway.

Bing photos gained’t be vector artwork (and thus not as resizable), and so they most likely gained’t be as gloriously ’90s, however you’ll at the very least have an entire lot extra choices. The Bing Image Search constructed into Office is basically the identical one which’s constructed into its normal search engine, simply with Creative Commons filters switched on by default to permit for business use.

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