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17:16 19 August in Latest Threats

iStartSurf is a new browser hijacker, which is attached with some free downloads, and once it get installed it will manipulate and change your web browser homepage as and also changes the default search provider engine of the pc as

This iStartSurf itself is not considered as malicious because there are certain legitimate softwares that change these type of settings as well. What is considered dangerous, that it will append the argument to most of the Windows shortcuts on your desktop and Windows Start Menu.



The homepage will start to display advertisements and some other sponsored links in your web search results, and it also collect search terms from your web search queries. The hijack is used to increase advertising revenue, as blackhat SEO, to increase a website’s page ranking in all search results.

iStartSurf is technically not a malicious virus, but it exhibits many malicious traits, such as rootkit like capabilities to hook deep into your operating system, hijacking browser, and mainly just interfering with the user web search. The malware experts generally refer it as “PUP”, means Potentially Unwanted Program.

iStartSurf is an advertisement supported (users will see additional ad-banner, search results, unwanted pop-up and many in-text link advertisements) cross internet browser plugin for Internet Explorer (BHO) and Chrome/Firefox (plugin) and distributed through many platforms during installation process. This web browser extension includes many features that will modify all the default and custom settings of the web browser including the browser home page, default search settings and in certain cases will modify Internet Explorer’s loading time threshold, place a lock file within the Firefox to prevent competing software from manipulating its settings as and disable the web browser’s Content Security Policy to allow for cross website scripting of the plugin.

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