Indonesia Plans To Mould Cyber Army to Defend Cyber-attacks Against Government

17:16 29 July in Latest Threats

According to Xinhua, ministry officers are getting ready a law that will permit the cyber army’s operations.

The new force fashioned shaped of uniformed troopers that possess the information and skills necessary to safeguard the country against cyberattacks.

Pos M. Hutabarat, director general of security potentials at the ministry, has compared the cyber army to similar units in Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Korea, China and the U.S.A.

The unit are going to be embedded within the army, the navy and also the air force.The Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro says that the cyber army wants the support of the country’s Communication and knowledge Ministry, that is within the method of building a system known as National Cyber Security.

Several government agencies are contributory to the National Cyber Security system, together with the national intelligence body and also the anti-terrorism desks.

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