Hundreds of South African Facebook Accounts Replicated and Used to Defraud People – Video

05:16 31 July in Latest Threats

Replicating Facebook profile is an act used by cyber-criminals to con people for rather some time nowadays. But, over the precedent week, news have been coming from South Africa about hundreds of FB profiles being replicated.
The cloned profiles are used by the hackers to befriend the victim’s peer group and exploit their trust for all sorts of hateful purposes.

eNCA has published a story on the latest scams.

An expert has cited eNCA that 100 of cloned accounts are not much if we compare that S.A has around 9.5 million Facebook profiles registered in the country.

But, it’s still regarding, Managing Director at STrategy Workx, Steven Ambrose has told the news organization.

Avast! Claims  that even the brother of an employee has had his Facebook profile replicated by the South African cyber-criminals.

“Duplicated accounts can be used to throw spam messages, initiate scams, and possibly take personal information that could be used for more severe identity theft. In the recent cases, there are reports that once the request has been accepted, the scammer starts soliciting cash from ‘friends,’” Avast! experts added.

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