Hackers seize the Salary Bank Accounts of 14 Mumbai Police officials

17:18 07 July in Latest Threats

Hackers are supposed of compromising at about 25-30 Axis Bank accounts. 14 of them are salary accounts of law enforcement officers in Mumbai, India.

The funds from the compromised bank accounts has been withdrawn in Euros at ATMs in Greece. Authorities believe that hackers somehow stole the victim’s’ financial data and used it to duplicate their credit cards, NDTV reports.

Axis Bank is investigating the issue, while the Mumbai police will possibly file a First Information Report.

Of course, the fact that the money was withdrawn from ATMs in Greece doesn’t necessarily mean that the hackers are based in the country. It simply means that the money mules are behind the curtain.

Money mules usually wire the crime proceeds to the scheme’s mastermind. This way, the crooks make sure that the money is clean and it’s more difficult for authorities to track them down.

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