Google revised Chrome 27 to Fix Flash Plugin Vulnerability

17:16 10 July in Latest Threats

Chrome clickhijack vulnerability fixed.

Google has addressed the issue with the release of the latest stable channel update for Chrome.

Chrome 27.0.1453.116 for Windows, Macintosh and Chrome Frame platforms addresses the security hole that could have been leveraged by hackers to trick users into allowing them to access the target’s webcam and microphone.

A clever proof-of-concept published by security researcher Egor Homakov showed that an attacker could have tricked users into pressing the “Allow” button in the Flash Player settings window.

The Flash plugin clickjacking vulnerability fixed in the latest version of Chrome allowed an attacker to make the settings window transparent.

Adobe representatives have clarified that Google is responsible for addressing the issue.

Chrome for Windows is available for download here
Chrome for Mac is available for download here
Chrome for Linux is available for download here

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