Fakedefender Virus Blocks Up Android Devices and Holds Them for Ransom

17:17 05 May in Latest Threats

Fake antivirus programs, or FakeAVs, have been aiming PC’s for quite some time now. On the other hand, experts claims that cybercriminals have initiated mounting such threats for Android devices as well.

Symantec has spotted a threat dubbed Android.Fakedefender. Once installed, the FakeAV claims victims that several threats have been recognized on their machine.Similar to classic FakeAVs, the victim is instructed to register the application – a process which implies paying a certain fee – in order to remove the alleged threats.

The interesting thing about Android.Fakedefender is that it locks up the device just like ransomware.In many cases, users whose devices are infected with the malware are prevented from uninstalling the malicious app. The FakeAV also blocks the victim from launching other applications.

“The threat will also change the settings of the operating system. In some cases users may not even be able to perform a factory data reset on the device and will be forced to do a hard reset which involves performing specific key combinations and/or connecting the device to a computer in order to perform a reset using software provided by the manufacturer,” Symantec’s Joji Hamada stated.

Experts believe that FakeAVs might become a serious problem for Android device owners. So to make sure that your device isn’t infected with such a threat, Symantec recommends that you download apps only from trusted websites, and install an Android antivirus solution.

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