Chinese Army to train on Digital Combat

17:19 25 July in Latest Threats

China, repeatedly connected to alleged cyber attacks, is in fact training military forces on digital warfare and “informationalized” war.

According to state news intelligence agency Xinhua, the People’s Liberation Army plans to start digital warfare games next month focused on mounting new combat forces that focus in cyber warfare.

The news bureau claims that this will be the first time the army “has focused on combat forces including digitalized units, special operations services, military aviation and electronic counter forces.” Military exercises will be carried out from next month at the Zhurihe training area in northern China.

The army’s general staff department said eight military academies and forces from the Beijing Military Area will participate in the exercises.

In March, the Pentagon warned China to stop a cyber-espionage movement against the U.S., which allegedly involves Chinese hackers stealing logical property “on an unparalleled scale.” The demand came after security enterprise, Mandiant released news claiming an “overwhelming proportion” of cyberattacks on U.S. corporations, govt. agencies, and organizations originated from China.

A secret U.S. Defense Science Board description for the Pentagon recently assumed that Chinese hackers have managed to expose and potentially steal information relating to U.S. advanced military arms and systems. The information said that over two dozen weapon system designs were compromised and may have been burgled in order to jump-start the development of Chinese military technology.

In Australia, ABC television reported that hackers from China have stolen floor plans linking to a new headquarters for the Australian Defence Intelligence Organization.


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