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Hundreds of South African Facebook Accounts Replicated and Used to Defraud People – Video

05:21 03 September in Latest Threats

Replicating Facebook profile is an act used by cyber-criminals to con people for rather some time nowadays. But, over the precedent week, news have been coming from South Africa about hundreds of FB profiles being replicated. The cloned profiles are used by the hackers to befriend...

Hacktivists Targets on Myanmar After Recent Attacks on Muslims

17:16 02 September in Latest Threats

Hacktivists of Anonymous and other groups have resumed Operation-Myanmar(OpMyanmar). Anti-Muslim aggression that originated in the country over the past weeks has ignited the persistence of the operation. Cyber War News reports that many government web-sites – including the ones of the Ministry of Communications and IT, and Subdivision of Civil Aviation –...

Indonesia Plans To Mould Cyber Army to Defend Cyber-attacks Against Government

17:19 01 September in Latest Threats

According to Xinhua, ministry officers are getting ready a law that will permit the cyber army’s operations. The new force fashioned shaped of uniformed troopers that possess the information and skills necessary to safeguard the country against cyberattacks. Pos M. Hutabarat, director general of security potentials at the ministry, has compared the cyber army to similar units in Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Korea, China and...

Three Most Dangerous Hacker Profiles Illustrated: Hacktivists, Cybercriminals and Nation States

05:17 01 September in Latest Threats

WatchGuard has discharged a noteworthy infographic that portrays the motives and also the ways utilized by “the 3 most dangerous sorts of hackers.” The infographic, titled “The 3 dangerous Guys Behind the most recent Cyber-Security Attacks,” shows the unique attributes of cybercriminals, hacktivists and state-sponsored cyber spies. “We don't exist in a world of glory-seeking hackers, script kiddies, and cyber criminals—there square measure some new youngsters on the block,” Corey Nachreiner, director...

Two Dropbox Defence Issues Reported, Only One Addressed – Video

17:22 31 August in Latest Threats

Indian security investigator Prakhar Prasad, founder of Security Pulse, claims to have recognized a couple of issues that affect the well-liked file hosting application Dropbox.  The former issue refers to an open redirection error on the web site. The firm accepted the existence of the susceptibility and addressed...