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Gamarue Malware Downloads Malicious Files from SourceForge

05:15 20 September in Latest Threats

[caption id="attachment_436" align="aligncenter" width="728"] Gamarue infection chain[/caption] Progressively malware developers are moving to legitimate hosting services to store malicious components. As per experts, a variant of the Gamarue malware is intended to download additional components from the popular code storehouse SourceForge. Four files have been recognized in...

Phone Spam Alert: Your Google Account Has Been Hacked, Reply Now

17:15 19 September in Latest Threats

[caption id="attachment_433" align="aligncenter" width="280"] Mobile spam message warns of hacked Google accounts[/caption] While this appears to be a typical phishing scam, it might not be. Experts say it’s difficult to determine what the scammers’ goal is. When users reply to the message, they’re told to enter the...

Apple strengthens iOS security using ‘Activation Lock’

17:15 18 September in Latest Threats

[caption id="attachment_419" align="aligncenter" width="580"] If your iPhone gets robbed and ‘Find My Phone’ has been deactivated, Activation Lock will stop it from being reused by a different Apple account.[/caption] Apple may not be able to do anything to stop a robber from stealing your iPhone, but...

Hacker Make Use Of XSS And Google Street View Data To Resolve Victim’s Physical Location

17:17 17 September in Latest Threats

Samy Kamkar, a privacy and security researcher, highlighted new types attacks executed from the Internet. An attractive hack he demonstrated was the ability to extract extremely accurate geo-location data from a Web browser, while not using any IP geo-location information. Kamkar, by convincing the victim to...