Chinese Army to train on Digital Combat

17:20 25 December in Latest Threats

China, repeatedly connected to alleged cyber attacks, is in fact training military forces on digital warfare and "informationalized" war. According to state news intelligence agency Xinhua, the People's Liberation Army plans to start digital warfare games next month focused on mounting new combat forces that focus in cyber...

Warnings Issued By Australian Government On Westpac Phishing Emails

05:16 25 December in Latest Threats

Stay Smart Online, the Australian Government’s web site dedicated to on-line safety, has issued an a warning to Westpac customers of a new phishing campaign that targets them. The attacks begin with a smartly designed phishing email that informs recipients a couple of security update. “Thank you for banking on-line at Westpac, your security is our primary concern. And so as to protect against the recent spate of...