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New Malware Found On Mac,Grabs Screenshots And Uploads Them to Remote Servers

17:17 04 April in Latest Threats

Security firm F-Secure reports on the invention of a brand new piece of Mac malware that takes screenshots and dumps them into a folder on the pc, then sends them to shady servers with unregistered domains. The “Macs.app” malware uses a legitimate Apple ID (assigned to a definite Rajender Kumar) and dumps same screenshots into a folder known as MacApp.Two C&C servers are related to the...

Google Replaces SSL Certificates to 2048-Bit Encryption

05:16 04 April in Latest Threats
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Google has declared that it's beefing up the cryptography in all of its SSL certificates by beginning to use 2048-bit encryption across the board. it'll be a gradual rollout, Google can begin the end the new certificates in August, however can complete the switch by the top of 2013.In most cases and for many individuals, the switch will not mean something, they will not notice something, either issues or enhancements, except, of course, for the very fact that the...

SysFlash Listed In Microsoft Pinpoint

05:15 03 April in Latest Threats
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SysFlash is a global technical service provider for your entire technological assistance requirement. We establish our clientrelations by providing comprehensive technical service using unique platform to cater the customer requirements for complete customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of technical assistance to the customers worldwide without any hassles and let the customers...

Apple Plugs Java Hole After Flashback Trojan Creates 550,000 Strong Mac Botnet

17:16 02 April in Latest Threats

Apple Plugs Java Hole After Flashback Trojan Creates 550,000 Strong Mac Botnet Apple released a security update for OS X Java on Tuesday, plugging a security vulnerability exploited by the latest Flashback Trojan. The latest variant of the Mac-specific malware appeared on Monday and targeted a...