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” The File Contained A Virus And Was Deleted ” Trojan Horse Rootkit Removal .

05:17 05 September in Latest Threats

If you encounter a “ This file contained a virus and was deleted ” notification, when trying to download a file via Internet Explorer (8, 9,10) then your PC is corrupted with a ZeroAccess Rootkit.The ZeroAccess trojan is a harmful virus that has been widespread for many years....

Fakedefender Virus Blocks Up Android Devices and Holds Them for Ransom

17:18 01 September in Latest Threats

Fake antivirus programs, or FakeAVs, have been aiming PC’s for quite some time now. On the other hand, experts claims that cybercriminals have initiated mounting such threats for Android devices as well. Symantec has spotted a threat dubbed Android.Fakedefender. Once installed, the FakeAV claims victims that...