Australia Attacked by Dozens of Cyberattacks Per Week, 80% Said to Be State Sponsored

17:19 21 February in Latest Threats

Talking at the Australian Defence Magazine cyber security meeting in Canberra, Major General Stephen Day, deputy director of cyber and information security at the Australian Signals Directorate, has discovered that the country is hit by dozens of malicious cyberattacks every week.

Till Day, 789 attacks have been recorded this year, but there are possibly many that have gone unreported or undetected.

“The cyber threat is real. It has real cost, it is persistent, it is here now. We are in a daily fight against malicious cyber threats,” Day said, cited by The Australian.

Of all the attacks, 80% are believed to be state sponsored, while 65% of the ones seen in the country’s Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) have an economic focus.

Day has refrained from pointing the finger at any particular country. But, US cyber strategist William Hagestad believes that China represents the main threat.

“Australia needs to develop offensive cyber capabilities in order to defend yourselves,” Hagestad said.

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