Apple strengthens iOS security using ‘Activation Lock’

17:20 04 July in Latest Threats
If your iPhone gets robbed and ‘Find My Phone’ has been deactivated, Activation Lock will stop it from being reused by a different Apple account.

Apple may not be able to do anything to stop a robber from stealing your iPhone, but updates in iOS 7 will disallow the thief from trying to trade the phone as new.

At its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple revealed many security enhancements. Activation Lock is the most attractive. Though the company didn’t go deep into detail on the new attribute, Apple’s head of Mac software engineering, Craig Federighi, said the feature disallow unauthorized resetting of an iPhone or iPad.

Basically, if the Find My Phone tracking utility has been  turned off, or if the phone has been wiped, the burglar will have to know the owner’s Apple ID and password before the device will work again.

Minute security advancements in iOS 7 will include per-app activation for a Virtual Private Network (VPN), thus allowing people to have more granular control over how their VPN settings get used; and the O.S update also will include message blocking.

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