64% of Securtiy Breaches Triggered by Human and System Errors, Study Reveals

06:23 06 September in Latest Threats

Data-breaches-sysflash-blogSymantec and the Ponemon Institute have revealed the 2013 Cost of Information Breach Research: Global Analysis, a report which analyzes the losses logged by firms that have suffered breaches.

The study – which is based on assesment from 277 firms from 9 countries – shows that the average cost of Information breaches varies from one country to the other.

Data breaches are the priciest in Germany and the USA. In Germany, the cost per compromised data is $199 (€152), with the highest total cost per data breach being $4.8 million (€3.6 million).

As far as the US is concerned, the cost per leaked data record is $188 (€143), the highest total cost per data breach about $5.4 million (€4.1 million).

“While external hackers and their developing methods pose a great risk to companies, the threats associated with the insider threat can be equally destructive and vulnerable,” said Larry Ponemon, chairman, Ponemon Institute.

“Eight years of study on Information breach costs has shown employee behavior to be one of the most pressing issues facing organizations today, up 22 percent since the first survey.”

The research also reveals that mistakes made by people and systems are the main reason of data breaches. In total, they account for 64% of reported incidents.

But, it’s worth noting that the most costly breaches are the ones done by malicious and criminal actors.

Even though, malicious actors are involved, the cost per compromised record increases to $277 (€211) in the US. In countries such as Brazil and India, the cost per compromised record in case of malicious attacks is $71 (€54) and $46 (€35), respectively.
“Companies must defend their customers’ sensitive information no matter where it is stored, be it on a Computer, mobile device, business network or data hub.” commented Anil Chakravarthy, executive vice president of the Information SSecurity (IS) group, Symantec.

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