Ohio Airport Official Website Attacked By Turkish Hackers

17:17 02 January in Latest Threats

Hackers of the Turkish Ajan union have broken the systems of the Akron-Canton airfield of Ohio, US. Besides defacing the airport’s official web site, the hackers have also leaked some data.The data leak contains names, email addresses and call information of over 15,000 users. Additionally, the usernames, passwords, names and email addresses of directors have also been revealed in the website.

“Since today, you’ve been attempting to bring middle east beneath chaos, U.S.A, that is controlled by Zionist Jewish individuals to attain their goals for hundreds of years,” the hackers wrote on the hacked web site.

“While you’re attempting to draw the map of 100-200 years later from now, you’re attempting to create Muslim individuals fight one another and finish-waste themselves and, we won’t simply sit and watch it,” they said.

“You are a nation that bombs its own state, kills its own voters, and blames the Muslims for it and tries to equate terrorist act with them. This solely suits dishonest individuals that lack  human values, you.”

Shortly after the breach, the Akron-Canton flying field took the web site offline.

“Anyone who has reserved a price ticket or is flying from the flying field, your data has not been tormented by the attack on our web site, this morning,” the airport’s representatives wrote during a statement.

“Information that was obtained enclosed entries to contests on the airport’s web site. This enclosed names, emails, cities and phone numbers. No email address passwords or mastercard data was their on the airport’s web site,” officials added.

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